CRIMSON ORGY is the world’s most notorious cult movie. Some claim it is the first

true “snuff film” ever made. Others insist it’s a hoax. Now, for the first time, the whole story

can be told...

In August of 1965, two exploitation filmmakers

named Shel Meyer and Gene Hoffman set out

to make the most violent horror movie in the

history of cinema. Shooting in the remote town

of Hillsboro Beach, Florida, they assembled a

small crew of amateurs and set up production

headquarters in a dilapidated rest stop

called the Sand Palace Motel.

A string of problems

beset the filmmakers, each

more serious than the last.

By day two, lead actor Vance Cogburn had been

arrested and local deputy Sonny Platt threatened to shut

down the production. The approach of a massive hurricane did

not improve morale among the crew. Recklessly ignoring the

danger, Meyer and Hoffman soldiered on, determined to get their

project in the can.

Exactly what happened on the night of August 8th has been

debated for decades. Agreed upon is the fact that one member

of the production team died in a horrifically gruesome way.

The explanations of how and why vary greatly, depending on

who’s telling the story. Most unsettling of all the theories put

forward is that the death was intentionally staged for the cam-

era, to be used in the final cut of the film.

UPDATE II:  Austin Williams’ follow-up novel to CRIMSON ORGY, entitled THE PLATINUM LOOP and featuring the return of go-for-broke film producer Gene Hoffman, is now available.  Visit Upaya House for more information and to purchase.

UPDATE I: A feature film version of CRIMSON ORGY is currently in development.  Check back here for more updates in the coming months.  Further information can be found at Williams’ blog on Goodreads.


With the publication of the book

CRIMSON ORGY by Austin Williams,

the debate can finally be put to rest.

For anyone interested in the underbelly

of American pop culture, where the

public’s appetite for simulated carnage

meets the inner demons of those driven to

satisfy that demand, CRIMSON ORGY is a

must-read. Click the CONTACT link

to get your own copy.